New Residential Constructions and Major Bath Remodels


We help and guide you make quality decorative plumbing fixture selections.  Building or remodeling a house can be gratifying with our assistance.  Here is a list of what our service includes:

· We will educate you about our products so that you are happy with them and can enjoy them after they are installed for many years to com.

· We back our products fully with the manufacturers and distributors.  If you are not happy with our products, we personally work closely with the manufacturers and distributors to make sure you are.

· We provide product suggestions and help with design.  We can also visist the site and provide design suggestions.

· Some of our products are new to the island, and the quality decorative plumbing fixtures area is unfamiliar territory to most plumbers and contractors on the island.  We will try to assist any way we can during the installation.  If your constructions site is nearby and time permits, we can personally visit it to check the work.

· We can deliver your product(s) to you faster than an order processed over the internet.

We look forward to serving you and helping you make your life a little easier.

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About Us

Larry Forslund is founder of Kona Kai Bath and Kitchen. He has had over 30 years of experience in the decorative plumbing industry.  His suppliers support him in servicing his clients because of his experience and knowledge in the decorative plumbing area. Contractors and customers on the island respect him for his knowledge and service.


Larry has had about 40 years of customer service experience and it is exceptional. He truly enjoys helping people and is looking forward to serving you.


One thing that Larry is proud of is being able to building Kona Kai Bath and Kitchen from scratch with his wife. The designed, created and built the business together. What an accomplishment.

Larry Forslund


Maxima, Larry’s wife of 25 years, has had over 30 years of customer service experience.  She has experience managing several companies and has a technical background.  She is webmaster to this website.


She truly enjoys helping people and owns her own company, Customized Computer Training and has experience providing energy work.

Maxima Forslund

General Manager

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